Check The Mic!

Miami-based Rap group Underground Cypher was established in 1992 and is comprised of founding members: MC's - (Q) Manawarr and Raw J, along with DJ DeLa. Almighty Chillski (of Heavy Artillery) officially joined the group in 2016 and has been a long time partner in Rhyme since 1993. In addition, other founding members of the group include, Grand D (The Godfather) and DJ Madstyles (ILL-ONE). Rugged wordplay over hard hitting Boom Bap beats best describes the sound they bring. Their style of Hip Hop regards the essential elements such as, lyrics that matter, and real DJ cuts by hand (NOT SOFTWARE!) along with beats that bang a rugged sound. In an age where Rap music has been diluted by lack of skills and sub-genres, The Underground Cypher brings forth a breath of fresh air! "THE LAZARUS" album is dedicated to the loving memory of Brother Richie "BIG ENDZ" Romo. He was the passionate backbone and heart of the UC Crew, his legacy will live forever!

"The Murderous Adventures Volume 1"

Once Lazarus resurrected, he sets out on a Muderous Adventure to save the children! The EP series includes long time Underground Cypher affiliates, Oskeptical, Louie Getts AKA Omen, and Boogie Waters. The collection of raw beats, rhymes, and D.J. Dela Scratches continues.....  Go spread the good word, The Murderous Adventures have begun!